Hi and welcome to my blog!
I live in Norway by the beautiful Hardanger fjord with my husband and our two cats. I work full time as a teacher. And no surprise: I use my spare time crafting. I also like to take photos and read books. At the moment I enjoy reading the books by Cecilia Samartin. I also enjoy reading criminal novels, like the books written by Camilla Läckberg.

I love cats, and here are som pictures of my two darlings:)


My first memories of coloring was when I was a little girl, about five or six years old,  then my grandmother draw Disney images for me to color. She was really talented, and I asked her to draw more and more images for me to color. But it wasn't until the spring of 2006 I made my first cards. I had to say goodbye to a wonderful class, and wanted to give them something special. So I made them each a personal handmade card. They were so happy about their cards and I thought it was so much fun making them, and not to mention having something personal to give someone special. 

But it wasn't until 2008, when I started my blog, that I became really hooked on my hobby. I had been to my first workshop, and it was coloring with Distress Ink by Linda Muhr. I fell in love with the Inks immediately. I had admired Linda Muhr's Magnolia creations, and wanted to learn from her. So I felt really lucky to be able to join her workshop. And from that day I have been coloring with Distress Ink.

My favorite part in the creation process is to color images. And the fun thing about crafting is that even if you make several cards with the same stamp, each card gets it own look. 

In late November 2010 I went to Rome in Italy to have a workshop with Timbroscrapmania-Barbara aka. BA. This was a fantastic experience and a lot of fun!
Here is Barbara, me and Gió.
And in October 2011 I was invited to the Magnolia Day in Borås.
It was a fantastic day for me, and I got to meet many other fellow crafters.
Here are some photos:
Some of my DT friends in Magnolia in front of the beautiful Christmas tree: 
Monique, Camilla H., Lillemor and me.
 Under is what I taught on the big Day. We colored Tilda with Distress Ink, and I had made a colouring sheet to follow, and to have the Distresses on.
Here we are colouring. Behind me sits Lillemor. Everyone who joined my classes were so talented!
 I also met several blog-friends.
Here is me with a fantastic lady with the name Louise!
The day had almost come to and end, and we took some time talking and taking photos.
 It was so great to have my workshop in Magnolia's beautiful surroundings.
Here are Janne and me. She is a great friend of mine, and I am so grateful that she wanted to travel to Borås with me and Audhild this weekend. She drove the car the whole way!

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