torsdag 2. desember 2010

Some more photos from the adventure to Rome!

We were not in the workshop all the time, we also had some time to visit the city of Rome!:) Here we are in the narrow streets last Friday. Here you can see Ba, my mother and Tamara (Ba's mother).
Here is the gorgeous Trevi Fountain! We also threw some money in it;) So I guess we will come back;)
My mother and I.
The lovely Barbara!
And under we stopped to get a taste of the chestnuts they sold on the street. I had never tasted it before, so it was exciting:) It tasted a bit like potato.
They looked lovely!

Everywhere we saw fountains, sculptures -big and small:) Here is one angel on a lionhead where the water comes out of. 
Many of the windows in Rome were decorated for Christmas. So lovely! Here is Tamara looking in.
Here is Barbara's and Tamara's dog, Tyson. He is 13 years old, but still so so cute!:)
As I told you Lucia makes the most wonderful ceramic balls, here she is with the one she gave me.
On the other side:
Here is another one, with cool santa!
Here is Barbara with an amazing "book" that Vanessa had made.
Look at this fantastic tree-cake!!
Here is a t-shirt we had with us from Norway, Strandebarm. Jon Fosse is a writer who comes from Strandebarm. And last year he, or we:) celebrated his 50 years birthday. And then these t-shirts were made.
Here is the talented Sara that were at the workshop on Sunday. I just wanted to show you the neclace that she had made!
Cool!!:) She has drawn the picture herself on the computer!
Here we are out eating stockfish and pizza in one of Rome's fantastic pizzaplaces. The stockfish was fried, and this was a typical first course here. It tasted good. Like the "fish and chips" I have tasted before.
There were three people making pizzas at the same time, and they worked very fast. There were many pizzas made at the same time. The smell was wonderful, since I love pizza!:) And they baked them in a open fireplace. Unfortunately I was so full of the stockfish that I didn't manage to eat much pizza...
Thank you so much for visiting my blog!
Have a lovely evening:)

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Jayne Hayward sa...

Some lovely pics of Rome brings me back some memories as I went there about 8 years ago. Love your creations they are amazing.

Jayne xx

BA sa...

dear Camilla wow so wonderful photos!!! thanks so much again for the wonderful days we passed together
xoxo BA

BA sa...

I posted my pics too
xoxo BA

Bente sa...

Vel, jeg er bare veeeeldig mye misunnelig ;)
Ser ut som du har kost deg mye - antar du anbefaler en tur til Roma ;)
Vi snakkes,
Ha en herlig kveld!
Klem, Bente

Papirdilla sa...

Ser ut som du har hatt en super tur til Roma. Regner med at du har fått minner for livet. Og så synes jeg de var veldig heldige som fikk besøk av deg. De lærte helt sikkert masse.

Ha en fin kveld:)


Oh it looks like you have had a fantastic time hun! xxx

Christina C. sa...

Beautiful pictures....thanks for sharing!!!! Love those ceramic Christmas balls!!

Pinklady 68 sa...

Kjempe koselig bilder fra Roma!
Fontana de Trevi og gatene rundt veldig Italia for meg:-) Skal nok tilbake, ja!

Klem Laila.

Angelique sa...

Wooww what a beautiful pics you've made, you can see the joy in our eyes. And wowww the ceramic balls, that's really awesome, i wish how these where made....
I really want to visit Rome, it's a wish from me to visit it soon......

Thanks for sharing these pics and keep up the good work,


Susy sa...

Lovely photos!
Hugs Susy

Alexandra sa...

Oh, tolle Bilder von Rom,...ich bin begeistert und erkenne jede Menge März 2010 war ich auch da.
Liebe Grüße und ein schönes Wochenende wünsche ich dir.

Anonym sa...

Hi Camilla, I have been folowing your blog for quite awhile, you are my favorite designer with Magnolia. I'm so happy for you about your trip! Great pics thank you for sharing! Rea P.S. I have been practicing with the distress all year, no one in my area was doing it so I have had to teach myself. Thank you for your posts they have helped.

lina sa...

Bellissime foto!

Camilla sa...

Dear Rea! It means a lot reading your comment! Thank you so much <3

Sadilla sa...

Hi dear
it looks like you enjoyed the trip to rome... lovely pictures!!! =)))
I've posted the calndar, I've dome it!!!

SaraDafne sa...

My necklace on your blog .. It's an honor for me! It was a pleasure to meet you and make your wonderful project .. thanks camilla!
kisses from Rome

Tammi sa...

Thanks for sharing your wonderful pics, love those ceramic balls, wow!