torsdag 16. oktober 2014

Magnolia Day 04.10.2014 ♥

Hi again!
You might wonder how my day in Borås was??!! I have some photos for you:)
Here is the table ready to welcome my first workshop, tidy and nice. And with the colouring maps ready.
I had the pleasure to have my workshop in such beautiful surroundings.
A bunch of so very talented and super-nice ladies came, and it was so lovely to meet them!

The Magnolia store was ready for Christmas! So beautifully decorated.
Here are the very talented Camilla H. and Lillemor. And it was so wonderful to meet them again.
They surprised me with picking me up at the hotel Saturday morning! :)
I had time for some shopping in the store, before it was time for another workshop:)
 Here is the winner of the trip to the Magnolia Day and her friend!!:
 And here you can even spot me:)

 Later on Saturday evening it was time for going out! We were invited to the charming and wonderful restaurant "Lilla Bro". It was just over the street from the hotel in the center of Borås.
Here you can see the entrance:
 Just look how beautiful and charming it is! 
We spent many hours here, such a lovely time with the best company. 
And the food and service was wonderful!
 Almost midnight and we just had to sit and chat a while more outside the hotel, before going to bed.
On Sunday we went to Camilla's home. The day just flew... Wish I could stay a week! 
But suddenly the time to say goodbye came, and I left Sweden ♥ and my beautiful friends♥ 
Under you can see Camilla H. and me outside Landvetter airport.
Thank you so much Magnolia for inviting me, and for giving me such a wonderful stay in Borås this weekend! You took so good care of me♥

5 kommentarer:

Sol sa...

Fantastisk å se bildene!! Føles litt som å være tilstede!! Tusen Takk!!

Christina C. sa...

Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos with us. Looks like you had a fabulous day!!!

Lisa Andersson sa...

Hej Camilla, tusen tack för en fantastiskt inspirerande workshop!
Kram Lisa

Margreet sa...

It was so nice to meet you all. I learned a lot at your workshop and i am already practicing with the distress coloring. We had a great time in sweden. Something we will remember for a long time😉
Hugs margreet

Kelly sa...

Thanks for sharing your weekend with us. You girls look fabulous and so happy. The ladies made beautiful Magnolia images, so much fun!
Hugs Kelly