tirsdag 30. juli 2019

I am blogging for Maja Design today!

Hi everyone! 
I hope you manage to relax and having a lovely holiday this Summer. 
I have just returned home from a small trip with my family. 
And today we could enjoy the warm and sunny weather here at home. 
We spent the whole day by the sea (fjord).
But about my card, it is an inspiration card for Maja Design
and I will continue showing Christmas cards in my next posts, 
as I made several for the Magnolia Hochanda show this Summer. 

So to read more, and to see more pictures,
please visit the Maja Design blog today.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog.


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Patty O'Malley sa...

Beautiful card, Camilla! I am trying to get that stamp from a company here in the States as I just love it!