tirsdag 30. november 2010

Workshop in Rome!!

Thank you so much for the Good luck-wishes and all the comments for my trip to Rome!!
Yesterday I landed back in freezing cold Norway after a wonderful adventure together with my mother to Rome! We took some photos, that I will show you now. They don't say everything, but you will get the impression of what a fantastic time this was:))
Over is a photo of Barbara, me and Gio.
Sweet, wonderful Barbara picked us up at the airport, and I saw her at once. She stood there waving with a gorgeous "Welcome sign" with a Tilda image on!:)) And she is just so warm, fun and hospitable. We lived in the apartment she shared with her lovely mother Tamara.
Do you see the aprons we are wearing? Tamara made one for each of us entering the workshop. It is just amazing, and has small rooms for the things you need when crafting;) The letters TSM stands for Timbroscrapmania, ofcourse!;) That is the name for Barbara's shop. 
And I learned that "Timbro" means "stamp" in Italian.
Here is the table ready for the workshop. We started around half past eight on Saturday, then the lovely and fun girls from Sardinia had arrived.
Here are some photos of the calendar we were going to make in the workshop. I had used about three weeks to finished it, and now we had one day!

The first thing we did was to paint the top, middle and the bottom with white acrylic paint. My mother was very helpful.
Then we made all the 24 boxes. Barbara had cut them out in advance, and we had to fold them together, and inked them with Distress Ink, Walnut Stain.
Here are the cookies that the Sardinian girls brought with them. Many of the partisipants had with them cakes, gifts and other crafts that they had made. So many new things for me!
Some of the girls spoked English, but not many of them. Barbara translated, so that helped a lot!
After lunch we had a photo shoot! Can you tell the Sardinian girls were much fun!:)) You can also read from Sadia's blog about the workshop.
Here again:) They were so lovely and nice! If you look closely you can see that I am wearing a lovely necklace that Gio had made for me!! I love it! Actually I wore it to work back home today:) Thank you again Gio.
Under is Lucia with her's almost finished project! As the rest, she was really talented. If you visit her blog, you can see that she makes the most wonderful Magnolia ceramics balls. And she was so lovely to come back on Sunday bringing me one of the fantastic balls!! I will show photos of it later:)) Thank you so much Lucia!! I have it hanging in the window in my husbands shop, Hjerteboden.
The last ones left at half past eight in the evening on Saturday! It had been a long but amazing day for me!!
Under is from day 2, Sunday. And another group of girls. Look at all the boxes!!
Under is Elisabeth and Sara. Elisabet had also her sweet, sweet daughter with her. It is Aurora with the blue top. You can also read about the workshop in Elisabeth's blog.
Ok, here I am:) I am sitting beside Lina. And Lina works in Barbara's shop. She is also a part of the Timbroscrapmania's DT.
Here is me and Aurora. She is just 18, but already so very talented!:) Doesn't she look like an angel?:)
And here is me and Barbara with another talented Lucia in the middle:)
Here you can see that the girls are almost finish with building up the calendar. They were very clever!
Here is Sara putting on the top. She had designed her own necklace, on the computer! I have will also show photos of that in a later post.
Under is Francesca and Vanessa. Francesca has a little baby girl called Camilla!:)) And Vanessa is making wonderful felt-figures, that she gave to everyone! They were just so lovely. I got a cute little (big) gingerbread man:) Thank you so much Vanessa!
I think I have to stop now, orelse the post will bore you. But I will also show you some photos from our adventure in the Rome city and some of the things that the ladies entering the workshop had made! Maybe on Thursday, because tomorrow I will be back with another exciteing post;)
Thank you for visiting my blog and have a good night!

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Camilla sa...

Å, det ser ut som dere har hatt det helt fantastisk! Vurderte et øyeblikk om jeg faktisk skulle ta turen, men fant ut at det ikke lot seg gjøre desverre... Roma er fantastisk og det ser ut som dere møtte noen fantastiske mennesker også. Gleder meg til å se flere bilder:) Nydelig kalender!:)


einat109 sa...

Hi Camilla
I see that was a great workshop in Rome. I was supposed to get from Israel to participate, but unfortunately I did not come.
I really love your blog and your style.
All the best

BA sa...

My dear Camilla this is so a lovely post, takk takk
xoxo BA

Deb sa...

your workshop looks amazing! wish I could have been there, such fun and what a fabulous creation you helped everyone make! so glad you enjoyed your trip! hugs Debx

Anonym sa...

Looks like fun.

Anja's KortKreasjoner sa...

Ååååå guri så koselig :) for en flott gjeng du har holdt kurs for :) og for en opplevelse ja =)

nydelige kalendere (også på 1 dag) !!!

Lory (Loryquilt) sa...

Wow ! What a beautiful experience!!! Ciao Lory

Sadilla sa...

Hi dear
it's so nice to read your post, it has been special for us as well! =)) I hope there will be soon other occasion, and I hope you'll come to ardinia as well! =)
I've finished my calendar, I hope I'll have time to post it during next days =)))

Debbie Dolphin sa...

hi camilla
looks like you had such a fantastic time xxx
love debbie xxx

Sol sa...

Ser ut som en Fantastisk gjeng! Å du kjeder oss så absolutt ikke med bildene! MERE MERE MERE! Kjempeartg å høre om turen! Fortsett slik! Super gjeng begge dagene ser det ut til! Velkommen hjem! :)

Mo sa...

Thank's a lot for sharing your photo's and information with us - it looks like you had a lot of fun in Rome...
Big Hugs,

Il mondo di Elizabeth sa...

hi camilla this is my blog http://worldofelizabeth.blogspot.com/
kisss bye elizabeth

Autumn sa...

This is just Fantastic! I think I'm going to try my hand at one. I so wanted an advant calendar for my kids, but couldn't find one and my brain was not thinking of a way to make one. Thanks for sharing this. Mine may be late and probably not half as beautiful, but I'm sure my kiddos will love it! Simply Stunning!! TFS!!

Rica sa...

What wonderful photographs, it's so nice to see the natural photographs and not the 'posed' blog ones.
Looks like you had a fabulous time and you got to meet my Basic Grey teamie - the lovely Gio.

hugs Heather xx

Franz sa...

Hi Camilla! A wonderful experience for me!
I am a disaster in English, you know, but i hope i'm a little better in written that in talken...thank you very much, i've seen you are one of my follower, that onor! I have to do better from now on! I promise to do a lot of practice with distress ink!
Hugs, Francesca.

Vanesia sa...

G R A Z I E !!!

lina sa...

Grazie Tantissimo di tutto!!!! Sono stata benissimo e tu sei una ragazza dolcissima e carinissima! E grazie dei preziosi consigli che ci hai dato!! A presto Lina

Anonym sa...

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